Sunday, December 2, 2012

Earring Debacle

A few weeks ago after Willa got her ears' pierced she lost an earring while she was sleeping.  I found the earring but not the back so I was able to torture her and put it back in before it closed.  Since the back didn't quite fit I was always pinching it back closed so it wouldn't fall off.

Friday night I realized she had lost it again and B wasn't sure if she had it before daycare or if she may have lost it there.  I started searching her bed and found the original back but not the earring.  Oh the irony.  It looked like it had probably been out all day so I took the post from the good ear and put it in the closed one and then put in one of her new earrings from Hawaii on the left.  A few minutes later I looked down and there was the earring!!!

On Saturday we headed to a play date and while there I discovered the original offending earring was missing.  So I momprovised and took an earring out of my own ear and put it in hers.  Probably not the most hygienic thing to do, I know.  We are one week from being able to take them out, so I am not sure if I should leave her mismatched or go ahead and change them out  completely because they aren't quite completely healed.