Friday, June 1, 2012

Coming Home

I was auditing out of town this week and arrived home this afternoon.  I was hoping the cleaning fairy would have made a stop while I was gone, but was pleasantly surprised to find that B had replaced the toilet in Willa's bathroom.  Glamorous, right?

We had made a stop at Home Depot before we went to see the Avengers last week and picked on out.  I had figured we would get to it when my parents were here in a few weeks, but he is checking stuff off the list.  No prob there.  He also did a tiling project in the kitchen which I wasn't expecting and now I want to do the whole wall, the tile is gorgeous.

I went to pick up Willa and I it seems in just 4 short days she has gotten more articulate and just cracks me up.  She told me all about their week on the way home.  We got home, and in an effort to slow down a little we didn't turn on the TV at all.  Just did puzzles, laundry and cleaned up the living room.  We had so much fun and as I was organizing she found some flashcards and her homemade ABC magnet game, so she was in heaven.

I also sold some things on the FB yard sale page today.  Nothing real exciting and not big dollars, but cents add up and things are going out.  But speaking of selling things....The Duck Hunter found a new home last week.  We bought the boat when I was pregnant with Willa and used it several times that summer, a few times the next, and not at all last year.  B decided it was time to part with it, and before he could change his mind, I listed it on FB.  We took the first offer thinking we wouldn't get any better and then of course had two more shortly after.  It went to a good home and we used the money to buy our Christmas flights home.  Plus, now the backyard looks even bigger without the boat in the corner.

The Farmer's Market starts tomorrow and I found a gal that is selling fresh eggs for $1.50 a dozen.  We have been trying to eat better and you can't beat fresh I say.  Crossing our fingers the weather stays nice over the weekend so we can get some yard work done.  Last weekends rain/snow storms really put a damper on the three day weekend.