Sunday, January 22, 2012


Willa has been getting up in the morning and coming into our room.  The other morning though my alarm was going off and she refused to open the door and come in.  I got up to get her and she says, "Mom, there's a scary noise!" Just the alarm I tell her and go to feed the dogs.  She climbs into bed waiting for me to turn on Sprout.  A few minutes later I hear her yelling help, help, mom help me as she tries to figure out how to turn off my cell phone alarm that I set for back up.  Apparently that one is not scary.

We had a learning moment (for me) later in the week.  I brought in all her clothes and she tell me "No, I do it myself." Fine then, but hurry up we have to go.  She get her socks and pants on and sits to watch whatever was on Sprout.  Hurry up Willa! "No, I do it myself."  It dawned on me at that moment that she is my child.  If my mom told me to hurry up, I went slower.  So I chilled, folded some clothes, offered some help.  Got my coat on, hat, and finally she asked me to zip up her coat.  She was ready to go.  Now I am going to bring her clothes in as soon as she comes in so maybe she will be ready when it's time to head out the door.

Willa and Brandon also continue to be far superior in the song recognition department.  This time the song only played two notes when she piped up from the back seat and said, "It's the dog song Mom."  A few more bars in (maybe a lyric too) I congratulated her on a job well done.  Not sure how she knows.  It must be her mad YouTube skills she has developed.

Her fondness for cash is starting to get comical.  She loves feeding her piggy and change doesn't sit around long at our house.  A while ago B discovered about 10 dollars in ones in his bag.  I straightened them all out and left them sitting on the couch.  B went to take a shower and a few minutes later I heard squeals of delight and a rush to grab her piggy bank.  By the times he got out of the shower, Willa had refolded and deposited all 10 dollars into her bank.  I handed her some change when I was doing laundry and she informed me, "I need dollar Mom."  I didn't think I had any but we looked in my purse.  Lo and behold, there were three ones.  Before I could even hand her one, she squealed THREE!  We may have created a monster.  On the plus side, she is building a nice little nest egg.

She was playing dress up and brought out some dresses to the living room  B asked her if one was for Mom and she replied, "No, Mom too big.  Not fit."  Yeah, not much you can say to that, though B about peed himself.