Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Big Girl Changes

If I had known a month ago that a new bed would stop the bean bag sleeping, we would have splurged a month ago.  Fighting bedtime was starting to become epic battles and I was exhausted from it.  B was TDY or working nights, leaving me to deal alone.  Ironically, on Saturday she kicked him out of her room to nap in her new big girl bed. (I meant to snap a pic, but she went to to bed before I could).

Once again we ventured into the cheaper build it yourself model and went 2 for three in the success department.  You could almost call it 2 3/4 as there is only one drawer that won't open.  Of course that is item I built, but I must say this is one of the higher quality things we have built. A lot more sturdy than a few other things we have built.

So I knew when I bragged about all my Christmas shopping being done before Thanksgiving that procrastination would set in and I would wait until the last minute to ship things.  True to form, that is exactly what I did. Thus far, all packages arrived prior to needing for opening.  Two more to go though, scheduled for Friday UPS delivery. 

I totally thought you could buy Christmas presents in front of a two year old and they would be none the wiser.  Either I was mistaken in this assumption or Houdini is to wise for her own good.  A few things she has taken out of sacks and opened, but a few I have been able to wrap or shove into her stocking.  I am a little bummed with my stocking purchases this year as typically they are more creative.

We anticipate enjoying a nice Christmas and maybe starting some of our own traditions since it will be the first time as just us.  Our Charlie Brown tree is starting to fill up with presents since we had two boxes arrive today.

Safe travels to all my friends and a Merry Christmas!


ksuJennyP said...

It's always fun to play the "Are you smarter than IKEA furniture?". I usually loose too....not too shabby on the building results!