Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Like Mom, Like Daughter

Willa has been cracking me when I go in to check on her before I go to bed. I think I am pretty nutty in my sleep habits and she is following right along. I typically sleep with 3 pillows; one under my head, one over my eyes and one at my legs. I have been finding her all wrapped up in her “ele-ant” pillow or with it over her head lately. Which is here is my non-compensated plug for Angel Dear. We loved her little buddy blankets and we love the toddler pillows. They would make great gifts if you ever need one. I am happy to say that our little sleep regression phase is over and we are back to a calm bedtime routine that for is now is working wonderfully. Now if I could just fall asleep as fast as her and B maybe I wouldn’t be an insomniac.

The little chatterbox has been on a roll lately. Our daycare said she probably says at least five new words to them daily and she has started counting to 10, though she sometimes skips 2 and 8, but she does pretty well. My favorite phrase right now is “See you later.” She has also learned how to pop off the door knob covers to open doors and then says, “Uh oh, it broke.” ::knock on wood:: No houdini 3.0 yet.

So I talked last time about how busy our month is but that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming of a crafting world. A friend has set up shop at our local farmers market and I am green with envy. Then my cousin says let me know when you want to start selling stuff, I know a few ladies that would want some stuff. I have been doing pretty good not buying more crafting supplies, even getting rid of some to a teacher friend. I have made a list of things I want to finish and few things I would like to make for gifts and/or sell. I so wish I had the time to take a week to hole up and create non-stop. Pinterest is not helping me either. There are so many neat things on the internet, but at least now I have one place to store them all instead of my massively growing excel spreadsheet. So maybe I will just continue to dream or create and maybe next summer I can set up a little shop or something.

Anyway, the audit from Hell is almost in the bag, the audit I am working on is going about as expected, and the other two I need to do this month I haven’t started on. Good times.

P.S. JP, you haven’t updated me on your life yet. This is your callout!


sarah.eulaine said...

Well done...we're the non-slackers of the roomies in the blogging world :)

I finally pulled out all of my scrapbooking stuff and have spent some time working on it. I'm at summer 2008. Pre-wedding. I have a ways to go!

ksuJennyP said...

LM - LOL. Love the shout out.

SEW - Not quite! You updated as many times as I have this summer! I updated...uh...a month ago!

ksuJennyP said...

and i'll get that update to you at some point.

Liz said...

OOOOH i am going to look into the Angel Dear pillows! audrey's lovey is Angel Dear and we (and she) love it so much that we got Caroline's from there, too...and toddler pillows? too perfect! i wish A & W could play together!