Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Small Change

A couple of bloggers I follow do one small green change a month and then at the end of the year decide which ones to keep, toss (ha ha) or work on.  I am pretty sure I talked about carrying my reusuable bags only for non-grocery trips, but I am proud to say that I slowly bought some on each grocery trip and now have enough to buy groceries.  I love it!!  Less bags to carry in and it's so much easier.  Anytime I use a bag, I empty the contents and then hang it ont he back door to take back to the car in the morning.  B does not use the cool bags so he continues to supply us with small trash bags.  It's so nice to not have to wrangle plastic sacks and I feel less guilty on my small shopping trips.  Plus I get $.05 off for each bag I use at Target.

Another small change we have made is our shower cleaner.  I will admit we were pretty dreadful at cleaning the shower.  B gave it a good scrubbing a while back and now we spray it either before or after we shower and it is maintaining pretty well.  Cheap and evironmentally friendly.  Win, win.

Shower Cleaner:

1 part vinegar
3 parts warter
A few squirts of shampoo
TBSP baking soda

So I haven't really done a change a month, but I figure I am 2-2 for on changes so I am on the right track.