Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Not the Taylor Swift song, but our Kid is fearless!! Or has no common sense...we haven't decided, though it could be a combination of both. She dives off couches, runs around like a mad women and face plants to the floor like it is no big thing. She has scratches and bruises but acts like it is no big thing. I am glad she isn't timid but I have a feeling we are just getting payback for all the scrapes and ruckuses we created growing up. It doesn't seem like baby proofing is helping either as she is very smart. Outlet covers, plug ins, lighters she has figured out. Football players have nothing on her.

I don't know who was more proud, Grandpa or Dad, when she went digging under the recliner, came up with a lighter, turned it in her hand, and actually tried to light the sucker. It shouldn't surprise me though with the sheer amount of candles that her Dad lights around here and the fact that the Moylan's may in fact be pyros. She totally enjoyed being spoiled by her Grandpa for the week and getting to hang out with her Grandma and Aunt. They drove up right after a huge dumping of snow and ice and then it kept snowing it seemed like for 4 days.

I took the in-laws Black Friday shopping and though I didn't buy much we had a pretty good time. We stood in line at Joann's for 4 hours to get our fabric cut and had I asked a few questions of the non-profit I am going to start making pillowcases for, I would have been at the cutting table a lot longer than I was. I am not sure what to think when the most money I spent on Black Friday was at a fabric store. I have many projects to get done in the next coming weeks and I can't wait for Christmas to get here so I can show them off.

Bosco is the new word of choice around here and I couldn't be more pleased that she picked his name over Belle's. I think it is only fitting as he takes the most abuse from her. She is saying Good Girl more, and No Way. No Way is actually pretty comical because she usually spouts it out at the perfect opportunity or if you ask her a question. The tantrum throwing is not so nice but hopefully just a phase.

Other than that, our Holly Jolly spirit has not kicked in because the snow was falling so hard on Sunday that I wasn't going outside to get the decorations. Has yours?