Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Randoms

So Willa scared the Bejeezus out of the director at daycare the other day.  She went down the slide and then was crying at the bottom.  They ran over and asked her what was and she was crying, "I broke my leg, I broke my leg."  The start checking her out only to realize she ripped a whole in her leggings.  She is pretty ticked about it too, because she likes to match and the dress and leggings were a set. *

Like her Aunt Rue, she has a tendency to get bloody noses if she bonks it.  A block tower fell on her today and her teacher said she wasn't even phased by it and the blood stopped quickly.  She actually even told the teacher to "shake it off."

Her and I had to go get more feeder fish for the turtle the other day and she bee-lined it for the snake tanks.  Again she protested that we NEED a snake, that he was hungry.  Needless to say, she still only has a turtle.

On the way to drop her off this morning she told me that she would go to work and I should go to school.  I was tempted to take her up on the offer.

Operation Wear the Platypus Shirt is still underway.  She will hold it up and GRRR like Perry but does not want to wear it.

Solo parenting is almost over!!!!

*No Mimi and Aunt Rue, she does not need you to buy a replacement


Anonymous said...

Well Mimi and Poppy will get her that snake she really wants while you are at work when we are there. Might replace that turtle...